Offsets for Bounding Ruler

My example assumes using a Cartesian axis is selected, but is similar for the oriented bounding box case too. Current bounding ruler is applied from minimum point in [x, y, z] to maximum in either x, y, z coordinate depending on choice of axis. Sometimes this will place the ruler on top of an object in the view. Another problem is that if multiple objects are measured with multiple bounding rulers, the rulers can mangle one another. Allowing the starting and ending positions to be offset by some constant value would give the user opportunity to fix these issues in a large % of cases.


Thank you for the suggestion, @MatthewFlamm I see exactly the limitations you mean.

Hi Matthew,
Yes, I see the problem as well, however in this case, I would suggest the if you move the long ruler to the top, it will provide a solution for you. Now I do understand if you have multiple rulers that need to be at the same, or similar positions, this can be a problem. Thanks again for your suggestion.

How do I move the ruler using Bounding Ruler? This is the feature I am requesting. I do not see an option for this.

I think you are suggesting another similar enhancement, i.e. option to select which ‘side’ to place the Bounding Ruler or something along these lines?

I believe @phismith is talking about the ability to move end points in the Ruler source while @MatthewFlamm is requesting this feature in the Bounding Ruler filter. The two appear similar, but the latter draws a ruler along one axis of the input’s bounding box, and there is no option to offset the ruler.

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OK Now I have seen what you are looking for. I do have a work around, until they get it fixed. set up your bounding ruler for one of the objects. In your case I would suggest the cone. Select the bounding ruler and find the dimensions that you are looking for and then use the Ruler Source to create one above the item. and yes @cory.quammen, I was thinking of the Ruler source. This can be a hassle to do if you have many rulers though.

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Thanks for the workaround suggestions. Indeed today, I use the Ruler Source and place them appropriately in nice locations. The use case for Bounding Ruler is that I need to have my model inputs/outputs reviewed by a second person. It is easier if they do not have to figure out from where I got the start and end coordinates for measurement. An offset from Bounding Ruler would be applied to both start and end so that it is guaranteed not to affect the measurement itself, whereas when I do it manually, there can be transcription or calculation errors. Just wanted to give a little color to why I am asking for this feature.

Thanks @MatthewFlamm for the additional info. I have opened an issue for this to be fixed.