Open file dialog and multiple files with consecutive numbering

Dear experts,
currently in the Paraview open file dialog box, if several files are present with extension file_xxxx, with xxxx being a consecutive numbering, Paraview will group these files together in the Open file dialog.
Do you know whether there is an option in the Paraview configuration file settings, which allows the user to disable this behavior ?
Thanks for your valuable feedback.


This grouping is a “file series” and let you load multiple files as if they were multiple timesteps.

There is no settings to disable this behavior afaik, but it would make sense to have one imo.
Please feel free to open an issue on our gitlab and to contribute to it if you are interested.

I raised this question, since there seems to be a bug here. Say I have two files at hand bla_0_00001.vtk and bla_0_001.vtk
In the Open file dialog box, I don’t see bla_0_001.vtk
I opened a bug report:

Already fixed here :