OpenVR and an Oculus S

Coolest things I’ve ever seen using Paraview and the Oculus S. Trouble is… it just doesn’t work that well. Is anyone out there actively doing this? Solution loads in an awkward place and orientation, can’t navigate very well, etc. The pandemic has given me time to play and explore:-)

@martink Can you speak to the Oculus S?

Unfortunately I do not have an oculus S and have never used one. In terms of initial position and orientation you might try changing around line 2776 of vtkPVOpenVRHelper to 0 instead of 1. See the relevant code below

#if 1
  vtkNew<vtkCamera> zcam;
  double fp[3];
  zcam->SetViewUp(0.0, 0.0, 1.0);
  double distance = pvRenderer->GetActiveCamera()->GetDistance();
  zcam->SetPosition(fp[0] + distance, fp[1], fp[2]);

That will use your current view in PV to initialize more of the VR view than the current setting. The current setting always makes positive Z up.

Hey Rich,
Looks like Ken already gave a good thing to try, but if you haven’t already, you might also look at the brief exchange we had a couple months ago: OpenVR plugin in ParaView 5.8.0 -- pretty much just works!

Also, I feel like I might be missing some context to your question. Are you basically heralding the existing of being able to use a Rift-S with ParaView, or is there something about your data that is new to you because you’re looking at it in HMD-VR?

(I presume you’re using the Oculus app to work with SteamVR.)


Thanks! So Ken’s response is great but I haven’t compiled anything in years:-) Needed is a way to set viewpoints - to generate a clickable list - that folks could be directed to step through. Similar to setting the camera position when animating.

The context of my question is THIS IS GREAT!! But I think the Oculus S is likely the most common HMD and the controls have not been optimized for it (I’d send you one if I could Ken:-)). Yes, going through SteamVR and all. Gorgeous stunning stuff I see.