OpenVR plugin in ParaView 5.8.0 -- pretty much just works!

Hey everyone,

I was testing out the OpenVR plugin in the final release of ParaView 5.8.0, and it seems to be more solid than under 5.7.0. One of the issues we often had under 5.7.0 and earlier is that all of the QT panels and widgets would go black on black making them very hard to use – this would generally happen after going into VR mode – or sometimes after bringing up the control panel in VR. This didn’t happen in the 15-20 minutes of testing I did.

There are a couple of quirks, but overall I think it’s pretty solid and thus usable.

The two quirks I noticed are:

  1. It seems that the grip buttons to scale worked about 80% of the time (not bad, but not sure why it wouldn’t be 100%)

  2. The in-VR panel always displays over the data, even when the data seems to be closer to the viewer. This is especially odd when flying because the panel then moves slower than the data, but appears to be closer to the viewer since it occludes the data.

One other thing I would like to see – that came up in a thread a week or two ago:
[Running a script in the background? / VR black screen] is to have the OpenVR plugin available on MacOS as well. Even if it’s just available as a shared-object library that we download separately and add to our copy of ParaView.

Has anyone successfully compiled ParaView for MacOS with the OpenVR plugin?

Actually, I’m willing to try to do so myself if anyone wants to give hints on the ParaView build process for MacOS. I usually just do builds on Linux myself.

I do have one other feature request for the OpenVR plugin, but I’ll save that for another day.


@martink @cory.quammen

Thanks Bill! The grip scaling is handled as a multitouch event. It looks at the first bit of movement to decide what is going on (scale versus translate etc). So it may help to start the scale movement before pressing the grips so that it doesn’t confuse it for a translate etc.

The VR panel is a design decision in that I felt it was most import to be able to see the popup gui regardless of where you were in the data. Yes it does create an odd sensation where the panel is drawn on top of objects that may be in front of it. Open to ideas etc of course but that was the thought behind it :slight_smile: