Order of objects in pipeline browser

For sessions with many objects in the pipeline browser it would often be useful to rearrange the order of the objects later on. For example if the first objects in the pipeline browser are geological bodies followed by horizons, well data, slices with texture images… and a new geological body is loaded into the model, it will always appear at the end of the pipeline browser window. Moving the object to the other geological bodies at the beginning would make it a lot easier to find it while working with the (still growing) model.

There has been a feature request for this which has been marked as done back in 2019 (Change the order of sources in the pipeline – Have an idea? Share it!), but I believe that somehow there was a misunderstanding as the first answer points to selecting a different input to a filter rather than changing the order in which the objects appear in the pipeline browser.

Thanks and cheers,


Hi Venke. I strongly agree with you regarding this request. Not having the ability to rearrange multiple sources in the pipeline browser is quite limiting, especially when one has multiple sources and input datasets that will continue to evolve.