Packaging your own ParaView-based Application

We often say that ParaView is an application, but also a framework, indeed ParaView lets you create ParaView-based applications (sometimes named ParaView branded application).

The ParaView teams has been hard at work on that regard by improving documentation, improving and simplifying APIs and providing many examples in Example/CustomApplications folder.

That being said, one crucial piece of the puzzle was missing, a way to easilly package your own ParaView-based application, in the same way the binary release of ParaView is packaged, so that a archive or even an installer can be shared with your users without worrying about compatibilities and such.

Well, here it is, an actual example trying to demonstrate how to do just that !

If you develop your own ParaView-based application, please give it a go and let us know if you have any issues or feedbacks !

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