ParaView 5.10.0 available for download

On behalf of the ParaView team, I am pleased to announce that ParaView 5.10.0 is available for download at

ParaView’s git repository and the ParaView superbuild repository now have the tag v5.10.0 available. Spack has also ben updated with this new release.

Please see the release notes to learn about the new features in this release.


The ParaView Team


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Spectacular! Thanks for all the good work that went into the 5.10.0 release! Kitware rocks.

One note is that I am seeing cases where old configuration files are causing issues with 510.0. This is happening with at least the Example directory and incremental trace recorder. If anyone sees something strange, try Edit/ Reset to Original Settings, and restart ParaView.


Quick update for people with Apple M1 chips. There was a problem with the packaging of the arm64-native binaries that would cause the .dmg mounting process to report that the disk image was invalid. This has been fixed and the arm64 binary on the downloads page has been updated.