Paraview 5.10.1 on Mac cannot open VTK files with more than ~10,000 cells.


I am using VTK 5.10.1 on Mac OS11 and am trying to read in a VTK Unstructured Grid file. VTK will successfully read files with fewer than ~10,000 cells. However, for larger numbers of cells, I receive the following error:

ERROR: In /opt/glr/paraview/paraview-ci/build/superbuild/paraview/src/VTK/IO/Legacy/vtkDataReader.cxx, line 3370
vtkUnstructuredGridReader (0x7f86a65d78b0): Error reading ascii cell data! for file: ./grid.vtk

This error seems quite similar to a previous post from a user regarding Paraview 5.7:
Paraview 5.7.0 does not load more than 12000 cells-(ubuntu 20.04 python 3.8.2) – so it appears the problem has persisted into future versions and on Mac as well.

For my purposes I need far larger grids than 10,000 cells. How can this be addressed so that Paraview can read larger VTK files?