ParaView 5.11.0-RC2 available for download


The ParaView team is very happy to announce that ParaView 5.11.0-RC2 is available for download at:

In addition, ParaView’s git repository and superbuild repository have been tagged with v5.11.0-RC2 and Spack package manager is being updated to include this new release.

Much of the documentation including tutorial, guides, references, and examples have been updated as well to reflect the new features included in this release.

Preliminary release notes are available here .

Please let us know if you find any problems.


The ParaView team



Hi. The latest release says that it supports Velarray sensor but it does not include the xml file for this sensor and therefore I can not connect with the sensor. Please advise.

I think you might be looking for VeloView.

Yes. VeloView does not contain the necessary xml file for Velarray. Any idea where I can get that? Thanks

Please post questions about VeloView in the LidarView, Lidar, and SLAM category with questions about VeloView. This topic is about the ParaView release.

No problems so far kicking the tires on a fresh install of Ubuntu 22.0.4 with Arc Alchemist A770.


FYI setup instructions for Arc drivers can be found here: