ParaView 5.6.0 is now available for download

On behalf of the ParaView team, I am happy to announce that ParaView 5.6.0 is available for download at

Release notes are available at

In addition, ParaView’s git repository has been tagged with “v5.6.0”. The ParaView superbuild repository will be tagged with “v5.6.0” soon.


The ParaView Team

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Many thanks to Kitware and the ParaView team (and especially Cory) for the new release!


First impression: the MultiBlock Reader Variable Selection is a godsend!

Yeah !

Maybe the User Guides (PV and Catalyst) could be updated ?

Thanks for all !

Looks like this bug is in the release :

This should be fixed imo.

Yes, I’ll be working on documentation updates next. Contributions are welcome.

Don’t know if if fits here, but why not?

I build 5.6.0 from the source pack (xz). The installed vtkVersionMacros.h contains

#define VTK_VERSION "8.2.0"

Whereas 5.5.2 had

#define VTK_VERSION "9.0.0"

What is going on here? Or did I somehow mess things up?
I’m trying to use these version numbers to conditionally avoid the vtkRenderWindow::SetAAFrames() method.


The next version of VTK was expected to be 9.0.0 for quite a while, but it was decided later to release an 8.2.0. The numbering change was made in:

ParaView does not use a release of VTK, but rather tracks VTK’s master branch rather closely. Hence the VTK that shipped with 5.5.2 had the numbers from when VTK was expected to bump up to 9.0.0, and now 5.6 ships with VTK with version number 8.2.0.

OK, makes sense.
I’ve adjusted my conditionals and all is well.

Thanks for the quick response!


With regards to the original question (about documentation being updated), I believe Kitware has somewhat changed their workflow for documentation. The old releases included the ParaView guide, guaranteeing that they were either old, or the release could be held and late, waiting on the documentation. The new workflow is to have the guide reside on the website, with a link from the ParaView Help menu. Thus, documentation can be updated, modified and corrected either before or after a release as it’s own task.


The ParaView Guide has been updated for 5.6 and is now available on

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There is a problem with the .pkg file for macOS. It has been removed from the downloads page. Use the signed (or unsigned, if you prefer) .dmg images to install. If you require a .pkg, please let me know - I may be able to regenerate it.