ParaView 5.8.0 Release Candidate 1 available for download

The ParaView team is excited to announce that ParaView 5.8.0-RC1 (Release Candidate 1) is available for download at

In addition, ParaView’s git repository and superbuild repository have been tagged with v5.8.0-RC1.

This marks the beginning of the ParaView 5.8.0 release cycle with the final version release slated for the end of January 2020. Release notes will be assembled during the release candidate phase and posted for the final v5.8.0 release.

Please let us know if you find any problems with this release candidate. Some known issues already identified by our earliest testers include:

Wrong case for names in Catalyst script. - fixed
[Split vertical and horizontal icons are switched] ( - fixed
Preview menu item is grayed out - fixed
paraview.simple.GetOpenGLInformation() fails - fixed
“Hover points on” not updated when switching geometries
CMake configure CATALYST edition can’t find ParaView::RemotingViews
ParaView 5.8.0-RC1: build failure on MSVC 2017
texturemaptosphere hangs in parallel


The ParaView team

  • No .zip package are available for windows, is that intended ?
  • The .exe installer propose to install “runtime” and “superbuild” component. What does these do ?

The .zip files for Windows are now uploaded and available on the downloads page.

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Anything in particular that needs to be done differently when building additional plugins? With paraview-5.7.0, this all changed (somewhat radically). I’ve now mostly managed to handle that change. Using the same CMakeLists, it seems that there is no longer an install target being created by the paraview_plugin_build() command. Using “make install” thus fails, but even “make all” doesn’t really do much at all.


Name of dependencies and cmake options changed and it can fails quietly depending on how you wrote your dependencies.

Parse the cmake output to make sure you are not missing anything.
Also, take a look into your paraview.plugin and vtk.module to see if their is anything the should be changed. You can share them here.

Hi @mwestphal - I appreciate the offer. Instead of posting directly, here is a browsable link.

The simpler plugins is for blockMesh reading - the CMakeLists-Project57 contains the paraview_plugin_build() with paraview.plugin and vtk.module.

Does the vtk.module concept also apply to building non-plugins? For example, our Catalyst interface now fails to link in the PythonCatalyst library at all. Tried adding a ${PARAVIEW_LIBRARIES} to the target_link_libraries but that turned out not to work very well at all.

@olesenm: in your paraview.plugin, replace PARAVIEW_BUILD_QT_GUI by PARAVIEW_USE_QT

This is a silent fail and it should be fixed somehow @utkarsh.ayachit @ben.boeckel .

Thanks - that moves me along and the REQUIRED_MODULES is now failing (cannot find ParaView::Core etc). I’ve now checked the diffs between for 5.7.0 and 5.8.0 for ParaViewPlugin.cmake - it doesn’t not look too promising. There is indeed a whole new section in paraview_plugin_build() with INSTALL_EXPORT, INSTALL_HEADERS etc. This looks like it is really going to take a very long time to get any of this working again…

I do not think that is true. I’ve ported a few plugins from 5.7 to 5.8 and it required only a few naming changes. Just remove the not found modules and find the location of the missing include to add the new modules.

Will need to check yet again. Rebuilding some other (non-VTK) bits at the moment. May wish to cross-reference with Andy’s post - seems to be a similar thing that I’ve seen for missing out on the library dependencies (non-plugin).

We can provide backwards compat for that. I’ll have an MR up.

How about scheduled python 3 support?

We started shipping Windows and Linux binaries with Python 3 beginning with ParaView 5.7. Python 3 support in the macOS version is not yet available.

@cory.quammen does the Python 3 support still planned for ParaView 5.8 release on MacOS?