ParaView 5.9.0 Release Candidate 1 available for download

The ParaView team is pleased to announce that ParaView 5.9.0-RC1 (Release Candidate 1) is available for download at

In addition, ParaView’s git repository and superbuild repository have been tagged with v5.9.0-RC1.

This marks the beginning of the ParaView 5.9.0 release cycle with the final version release slated for early December 2020. Release notes are available here.

Binaries for macOS are not yet signed. We are working on resolving an issue preventing the signing and will upload signed versions as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you find any problems with this release candidate.


The ParaView team


Hey @cory.quammen, I’m really excited to check this out. Although I’m not seeing 5.9 options on the download/nightly pages? Is it hidden somewhere I’m just not seeing?

@mconti You may need to do a hard refresh on the downloads page. Usually this involves holding down the shift key while reloading - Ctrl-Shift-R in Chrome, for instance.

That did it. I did not know about that feature before. Thanks Cory

Fixing the signed binaries requires an update to the source code. We will provide signed binaries in ParaView 5.9.0-RC2.