ParaView 5.9.0 Release Candidate 2 available for download

The ParaView team is happy to announce that ParaView 5.9.0-RC2 (Release Candidate 2) is available for download at

In addition, ParaView’s git repository and superbuild repository have been tagged with v5.9.0-RC2 .

Release notes are available here .

Binaries for macOS are signed and notarized with this release candidate.

Please let us know if you find any problems.


The ParaView team



I tried to open it (5.9 RC2) with Windows 10, I get a black screen over the entire ParaView window. Tried the RC1, and get a black screen over the visualization panel. I have an Intel HD 520, with driver up to date apparently.

Any suggestion?



Do you have the same issue with version 5.8? What version of the Intel driver did you install?

I ran a big windows 10 update that was needed and ParaView 5.9 RC2 opened nicely :).
All good then.

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Super super cool.

Does anyone by chance know how the fire data is calculated in the released picture?

The 5.9 version was installed on our cluster. However I get an error when ticking the “enable ray tracing”

note that when the module is loaded, I open paraview as follows:
env MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=3.2 paraview &

If I do open it as “paraview &” only, there is a OpenGL error and nothing can be visualized.

ps: I can use successfully OSpray with ParaView 5.7 that we have installed on our cluster.

What do you suggest us to do to make the 5.9 version work?