ParaView 5.9.1-RC2 available for download


The ParaView team is very happy to announce that ParaView 5.9.1-RC2 source code archives are available for download at

Note: this release differs from v5.9.1-RC1 by a patch for MPI configuration on systems with SGI’s MPT. As such, we have not created precompiled binaries for this release candidate since they are essentially the same as those for v5.9.1-RC1. Only source tarballs are made available in this release candidate.

In addition, ParaView’s git repository and superbuild repository have been tagged with v5.9.1-RC2 and Spack package manager is being updated to include this new release.

All the documentation including tutorial, guides, references, and examples have been updated as well to reflect the all the new features included in this release.

Release notes are available here.

Please let us know if you find any problems.


The ParaView team



Hi @vbolea - any guesses at the ETA for the 5.9.1 final?

It should be out by the end of this week :slight_smile:

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good - sooner than expected

How do we know which MRs have gone into this release? Everything up to 28 April?

No, only select MRs go into the release branch, which is what 5.9.1 is based on. The easiest way to see what went into 5.9.1 before it is tagged is to run

git log v5.9.0..origin/release

You can narrow it down to merge requests by grep’ing the output for “Merge-request”. I’ve turned these into links


I don’t have a v5.9.0 branch in my forked repository. Do I just need to add it as an upstream remote?

Edit: Nevermind. I just did a command-line fetch on the upstream Paraview repo and then used git-bash
git log v5.9.0..upstream/release | grep Merge-request


So it looks like my changes for utf8 support have not made the cut.

What is your opinion, will we see a 5.9.2 or a 5.10.0 first? There are various fixes for the OpenFOAM reader that I would like to get into the next release. If that is 5.10.0, I probably don’t have to do anything. If it is 5.9.2, probably need to start making some of these as backports from the vtk master.

For a patch version, we try to avoid including sweeping changes to many parts of the code. They’ll be in 5.10, though.

Unless there is something devastatingly wrong with 5.9.1, 5.10 will be the next release, scheduled for late 2021.

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