Paraview close immediately after opened


My Paraview automatically close by itself right away after I open it, there is also no error message shows up. I have tried different ways to install it, and it turns out the same.

HI @Jean

Which OS?
Which version of ParaView?
How did you install it?


We have seen occurrences where errors in the configuration files can cause problems with ParaView startup. An easy thing to try is resetting your configuration.

The files are located at %APPDATA%/ParaView/ on windows and ~/.config/ParaView/ on other systems. Move that directory somewhere else and try launching ParaView again.

I am using Window 10 (but this PC is remotely connected with VNC), and I tried to download ParaView 5.13.0. There are four different ways to download it on the web page, and I have tried them all. The situation is the same after installation.

Your probably have an OpenGL graphical issue, see this: How to run ParaView (including the binary release) using Mesa on Windows


I just try this solution, and unfortunately, it doesn’t work.