Paraview crashes when opening xdmf files created with FEniCSx


I am trying to open an xdmf file that was generated by running some code on FEniCSx, to visualize the results. But the software crashes when I hit the ‘Apply’ button after import. This only happens when I run the code on multiple processes. The output file generated by the exact same code when run in serial was handled by ParaView without any trouble.

Here are the files I am having trouble with.

s.h5 (91.8 KB)
s.xdmf (1.0 KB)

Thank you for any help I can get!

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Is the file size of “s.h5” the same for serial and multiprocess calculations?

The file size in the serial case is slightly bigger. 94344 bytes compared to 94016 bytes. I am attaching the files for serial case, just in case.

s.h5 (92.1 KB)
s.xdmf (1.0 KB)

Thank you

I have no idea why, but naming the function instance when I create it in FEniCSx solves this problem for me. Perhaps a bug in the FEniCSx software.

Thank you


Sorry for bumping this up, but:

What do you mean by naming the function instance? Response would be very much appreciated.

After creating a function instance, name it using the name method. For example,

u = fem.Function(V) = "Displacement"