ParaView crashes when trying to open file

I am using ParaView 5.6.0 & 5.6.1 and met a headache problem: the two versions always crashed when I just tried to open a file (sometimes it can work but always crash).

The software works well weeks ago, the problem just happened from yesterday. I have tried to install the software to my other PC, the problem remains.

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Which format is your file ? Can you share it ?

it is text format, pls see below for ten rows of my data for your ref.

1, 8.153196e-04,-1.554718e-02,-5.074107e-02, 5.802076e-05,-1.909578e-05, 9.568067e-05
2,-2.666582e-02,-2.442455e-02, 4.263412e-02,-4.874437e-05,-1.082167e-05,-8.743838e-05
3,-1.734152e-02,-2.314868e-02, 2.766165e-02,-4.825530e-05,-1.053477e-05,-7.230582e-05
4,-6.569946e-03, 1.181944e-02,-1.681881e-02, 1.253312e-05,-4.267695e-05, 4.227711e-05
6, 8.157833e-03,-1.341248e-02,-5.090558e-02, 6.266374e-05,-1.932447e-05, 9.712920e-05
7, 7.206689e-04, 2.346110e-02, 5.634960e-03,-4.453976e-05,-5.884100e-05,-4.105860e-05
8, 4.026998e-03,-2.926305e-02, 1.237583e-02,-4.175741e-05,-4.161957e-06,-4.965038e-05
9, 1.449269e-02, 2.330096e-03, 3.732243e-02,-2.385351e-05,-3.776632e-05,-8.413366e-05
10,-7.001264e-03,-7.697832e-03, 3.393612e-02,-4.507298e-05,-2.440221e-05,-7.700933e-05

Your data, in a .txt file can be read without errors.
file.txt (861 Bytes)

The data format is fine I think as I used that before. My problem is that when I try to open it, the software crashes (I have reinstalled the so

ftware, but the problem remains). Pls see a snapshot for this issue

Unless you can share your whole file, It is quite hard to help.

Did the file in my message crash as well ?

Yes, probably it is not the issue from the file. Because sometimes the 5.6.1 version works ok when I run it, but most of the times it crashes. Now I am using an older version (5.5.2) instead, it seems ok.

test.txt (2.3 MB)

Sometimes resetting the settings solves the problem, and it’s not always clear why. To help us figure that out, please choose the Edit -> Reset to Default Settings menu item. When you do that, please choose the “Yes, and backup current settings” option. When you do that, a dialog will appear that shows you the path where the backup file is saved. If this solves your problem, please send me that backup settings file.

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