ParaView Cylinder Clip Filter - Controlling Cylinder Position and Height


I’m currently working with the Cylinder Clip filter in ParaView, and I’m encountering an issue with the cylinder’s position and height. I’m hoping to create a cylindrical hole in my object that extends only up to the third layer, but the current result has the cylinder passing through all layers, creating a hole that extends through the entire object.

To achieve my desired result, I need to specify the following parameters for the cylinder:

  • Center of the bottom face: [14, 17, 3]
  • Radius: 14
  • Axis: [0, 0, 1]
  • Height: 2 (or higher)

However, I’m not sure how to set these parameters using the Cylinder Clip filter in ParaView. Is there a way to control the position of the cylinder’s bottom face and its height within the filter?

Any guidance or suggestions on how to achieve this specific configuration would be greatly appreciated.
VTU file is attached to the post. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

VTU file: outfile_ASD.vtu (1.1 MB)

As a short answer, you cannot do this. The cylinder for Clip is infinite. You cannot specify a fixed-length height.

The straightforward way to clip a limited-depth cylinder is to use a combination of cylinder and plane clips. Here is an example of using a Clip to get the data below the Z=3 plane, another to get the data above the Z=3 plane, and a third Clip that removes the cylinder from the upper clipped data.

clip-finite-cylinder.pvsm (706.7 KB)

The disadvantage of this approach is that the cells at the Z=3 plane all get split into 2.

There is some limited support to clip on arbitrary surfaces: Slice/Clip with a surface. You could potentially create a Cylinder source and use that for the clip. But the results do not always look great. In particular, I would expect that you would not see a nice right-angled clip at the base of the cylindrical hole.

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Thanks, are you a PView dev? Could you include a “finite” cylinder cllip in the next release? I had created a Python script that can extract the cells inside a defined finite cylinder from VTU file, I think it will be easy for you guys to implement it.

Feel free to reachout :slight_smile: