Paraview desktop application is a blank white window on startup - Win10 64bit

Hi All, just starting my Paraview journey.

I have downloaded the 5.10.1 version for windows and run the installer without issue.

I have installed on D drive.

Upon execution, I am presented with the Welcome to Paraview splash screen, which I click the close button on. The main application window then just sits there empty and nothing happens.

I have let this run for some time, but nothing happens and task manager shows no real CPU activity.

I assume I have missed some configuration or have a driver problem?

Any suggestions would be most apprecitated.


Hi @strud ,

Which GPU are you using ?

Please take a look at this:

This may be a different issue, but you never know.

I have the Intel HD Graphics 3000
Driver version

Apparenlty Intel tells me this is the latest available driver…

Wildly out of date (4years), looks like an intel issue:

We cant really help here, you wont be able to run ParaView on such old hardware with out of date driver.

I have a much older HP laptop than that with an Intel HD Graphics card. Paraview works fine with my local build on Windows 10.

With updated drivers, sure.

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