ParaView Freezes on start - Windows 10

I gave up trying it on windows. Do I have to close the thread?

Hi, guys, I am having the same problem, any help to resolve this. I am using an HP 650 laptop with Intel Pentium CPU B970 @ 2.30GHz processor, Intel® HD graphics adapter and 6GB RAM. What could I have done wrong?

Do you have an HD 3000 graphics card ?
If so your computer does not support OpenGL on windows 10. See here for more info.

@cory.quammen : that’s the 3rd user with this problem. should we mention that somewhere ?

Thanks I will check it out

I don’t know. We don’t keep a list of incompatible graphics hardware anywhere. Intel HD 3000 is pretty old at this point and discontinued.

Fair enough. This is a very common card though.

Try the workaround I gave on this other thread


I’m getting same problem. Windows 10, NVIDIA GeForce 1070, OpenGL installed. Unfortunately solution with mesa (opengl32.dll) doesn’t work. Tried ParaView version 5.8 / 5.6 Any idea, how to solve it? Thanks in advance!


Please share the bottom part of Help -> About.

Hi, I can’t click on anything in ParaView. Full screen of program freezes, there is “loading” mouse icon (program doesn’t responding) and after 5 seconds program closes itself.

Are you able to do the following ?

  • Open a terminal
  • Navigate to ParaView bin directory
  • pvpython.exe
     from paraview.simple import *
     info = GetOpenGLInformation()

It looks like, that ParaView (or pvpython.exe) doesn’t see any OpenGL installed

My bad, I forgot a line. See above.

Updated screen

That looks like a bug in Qt. Ideally, you would want to build ParaView yourself with different version of Qt to see if you can reproduce.

Sounds little bit complicated :smile:. I rather installed Ubuntu to VirtualBox and I’m using ParaView in Ubuntu (no errors there :slight_smile:). But thanks for your help!

Really sweet trick, @mwestphal. One of us should write it up in Tips and Tricks? You want to do it, or shall I?

Please do if you want, but it is already present in ParaView 5.7.0 release notes :

I think that having this in the 5.7.0 release notes is good enough, and if anyone searches discourse, they should find this topic. Lets not add it to the tips and tricks, as you recommend. Nice feature, by the way!

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