ParaView Freezes on start - Windows 10


I’m beggining OpenFoam and trying to see some results on ParaView.
I’ve installed the ParaView-5.7.0-RC4-Windows-Python3.7-msvc2015-64bit, but it freezes right after opening.
This appears and then it freezes and closes byitself - a kind of force close.


I’ve python 3.7.4 installed, AMD Radeon 7400M and Intel HD Graphics 3000
Open GL
Direct 3D
Catalyst 15.7.1

I think it could be something related to the graphics switching, i’m still trying, but I would apreciate a lot if anyoune could help.

Thanks in advance

Try right-clicking on ParaView and say ‘run with graphics processor’ (I think that’s the right wording) and select your AMD card. I’m not sure why your are seeing an error about ANGLE - that seems strange.

Thanks for the reply,
I forced the application to run under high performance on AMD configuration, but it still crashing.

First of all, I have little experience but had fantastic service from PV 5.4.1 before recent changes to FreeCAD (0.18). Similar problem. I can start PV but cannot open a file. It just hangs up if I try to open or indeed do anything from the menu bar. All I can then do is end task from task manager. I installed PV 5.7.0 and it works but having problems using it. Getting 5.4.1 working would be a big help.

@mcrossleyuk : please open your own thread.

@AlexandreMagnolc : could you try with mesa ?

paraview-mesa paraview from a console.

Sorry, all new to me and don’t understand. I am logged into the forum as mcrossleyuk. How do I “open my own thread”. Happy to learn :slight_smile: and click on “New Topic”.

Thanks, done that. Lesson #1 :slight_smile:

nothing “command not found” or “not an internal command”

My bad, windows release does not support mesa.

Are you able to run other opengl applications ? Qt Applications ?

You also could try to use pvpython and see if this fails or not.

Yes, but it did not was abble to run paraView. I got a solution, I downloaded ubuntu and started over in linux. It’s working pretty well, now the problems are on the operator.

Thanks for the attemp

I gave up trying it on windows. Do I have to close the thread?

Hi, guys, I am having the same problem, any help to resolve this. I am using an HP 650 laptop with Intel Pentium CPU B970 @ 2.30GHz processor, Intel® HD graphics adapter and 6GB RAM. What could I have done wrong?

Do you have an HD 3000 graphics card ?
If so your computer does not support OpenGL on windows 10. See here for more info.

@cory.quammen : that’s the 3rd user with this problem. should we mention that somewhere ?

Thanks I will check it out

I don’t know. We don’t keep a list of incompatible graphics hardware anywhere. Intel HD 3000 is pretty old at this point and discontinued.

Fair enough. This is a very common card though.

Try the workaround I gave on this other thread


I’m getting same problem. Windows 10, NVIDIA GeForce 1070, OpenGL installed. Unfortunately solution with mesa (opengl32.dll) doesn’t work. Tried ParaView version 5.8 / 5.6 Any idea, how to solve it? Thanks in advance!