ParaView hackathon Wednesday, May 6.

Kitware will be holding a ParaView hackathon on Wednesday, may 6, from 8am EST (2pm GMT+2) to late.

It is open to anyone willing to contribute, with or without coding skills.

Here are the objectives of this hackathon :

  • Cleaning up any warnings or issues on the dashboards.
  • Fix simple outstanding issues.
  • Implement simple life-improving features.
  • Do a pass on the issues to close all the old ones that should be closed.
  • Do a pass on open merge request in order to finish some up and close others.

This hackathon will, of course, be only virtual.

A Google Meet meeting will be accessible here
It will NOT be used for extensive communications and discussions, but only for short questions, greetings and cheering up :slight_smile:

A slack channel will also be accessible, technical questions and discussions will surely take places there :

If you are not a kitwarean, please make sure to send me a private message here or a mail at to be able to gain access.
If you are a kitwarean, please make sure to accept the event you have been invited to, you will then be invited to the slack.

Before the hackathon, Issues and MRs will be tagged with the hackathon tag.
It means they have been identified to be addressable in some forms during the hackthon.

Certain issues will also have been tagged with the needs-testing tag.
It means these issues should be tested to see if they can still be reproduced or can be closed.
Once tested, they may or may not be fixed during the hackathon.
Those issues

Certain issues will also have been tagged with the documentation tag.
These types of issues generally do not require any kind of Programming knowledge.
Those issues

Certain issues will also have been tagged with the easy tag.
It means these issues would be perfect for a ParaView beginner to try and fix them.
Those issues

When taking over an issue or a merge request, make sure to assign it to yourself or to ask myself (@mwestphal on gitlab) to assign it to you. Please mention it also on the slack channel to make sure a single issue is not being worked on by multiple person.

When closing an issue, either by a fix or because issue is not present anymore, make sure to add the needs-verifications tag and to remove the needs-testing tag.

Please make sure to read our develop guide

Q&A :

I want to contribute but I’m only a ParaView user and I’d rather not use git.

You can absolutely contribute by testing the issues with the needs-testing tag, see above.

I want to contribute and I know how to use git, but am not a programmer.

You can absolutely contribute by improving ParaView documentation, see above.

I want to contribute and am a Programmer, but never touched ParaView code before.

This hackathon is the perfect time to start ! You may want to try to fix an easy tagged issue.

I have an idea for a feature for ParaView !

Awesome ! Keep in mind that this feature should requires only a small amount of work to be able to be finished in the scope of the hackathon. If that is not the case, that’s okay as well, this hackathon can be just a good way to start working on it. Make sure to create an issue and tag it as hackathon and feature.

I don’t know what to do, how to merge, what is the next step, unsure about anything.

Either tag me in the slack or on gitlab :slight_smile:.

  • Monday, May 4
  • Tuesday, May 5
  • Wednesday, May 6

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