ParaView hackathon

It’s been a while since we have had a ParaView hackathon - let’s plan one for early June 2023.

Possible topics are:

  • issue cleanup in GitLab
  • documentation
  • Catalyst, emphasizing documentation

Since likely participants are spread out over many time zones, we can make this a “rolling” hackathon where people join and leave at normal working hours as available.

Please reply with other ideas for a hackathon!


Awesome, I’d be glad to work on the issue cleanup !

I think focusing on issue triage is important. This means just classifying and categorizing issues. I’d avoid actually fixing anything but instead labeling them with triage:confirmed or closing them if they’re no longer relevant. Also checking for missing data or instructions (triage:needs-info). Finding duplicates is also very useful.

Doing the same categorization on MRs would also be a good idea.


Currently I’m planning on having Phil and me work the day verifying or closing bugs, and looking for (and closing) duplicates. Ben describes exactly what I had in mind. We won’t be touching MRs.

let’s plan one for early June 2023.

Could the date be fixed soon ?

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Let’s have an issue triage hackathon on June 15, 2023. What time would you like to start in France? You could get started and then on the US side, we can join you as the workday begins in our various timezones.

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Perfect, I can make it, and will encourage Phil to do so also.

One question. For whomever closes bugs, should we have them mark them as “needs verification”? Get a second set of eyes on the issue? I would suggest doing so. Phil and I could take the task of verifying bugs are really fixed needed. (I believe this is what happened last time, and {groan} I ended up resolving something like 200 bugs. It was still the right thing to do, as I found a few incorrect closures).

KEU will probably work on the hackathon during the afternoon

should we have them mark them as “needs verification”?

I second that.

Phil and I will make it a priority to work on resolving “Needs Verification” issues. Second, we will work on closing old Sandia issues.

Details: ParaView Issue Hackathon - June 15, 2023