paraview multiphase

when i studied dambreak4phase in openFoam, i had a question…

there are four materials, air, water, oil, mercury in dambreak4phase case…

and i want to see the motion or flow of those materials simultaneously in one screen!!
however, the option that i can view the flow of the material only allows me to see the motion of one of these materials mentioned above respectively…
(the option that i mentioned is “coloring”. “coloring option” in “Display” only provides the single motion of the material respectively, not simulataneously… for example, when i selected water, the water appears in screen. and then to want to see the flow of oil with water, so if i selected oil, and then water disappear in screen, so i can only see the oil… i want to see the flow of water, oil, mercury simulatenously !! )

is there anyone to tell me solution about this?

(actually i found one way to achieve this, this is related “groupdataset” and “adjusting opacity”, but this method is not efficient… because i have to adjust opacity,
it’s difficult for me to see the material clearly after adjusting the opacity)



→ i want to see the two materials simultaneously !!

Use Calculator filter.

this looks like a duplicate of render view in paraview, please clone one of them