ParaView now available as Flatpak and distributed in Flathub


I packaged ParaView as Flatpak and added it to Flathub. If anyone is interested, ParaView can be installed in Flathub now.

Something to note. I did not bundled any examples or documentation. I managed to bundle examples before, but suddenly it does not work. I did not enable CUDA. PARAVIEW_USE_CUDA flag is not specified.

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Thanks for sharing !

Were you able to enable Raytracing and bundle OSPRay ?

I did not, was not aware of it. I will try to bundle OSPRay.

Do I need to enable any cmake flags to build paraview with raytracing?
I bundle ospray now but I’m not sure if it suppose to appear or I need to enable it.

I look through some tutorial, it suppose to appear on the bottom panel, but I don’t see it. Either paraview don’t see ospray that I build or not enable it.


btw they are many options you may want to turn on if possible:



Do I need this under ParaView too?


Would be enough


Latest ParaView flatpak update have ray-tracing now.

However, I could not build ParaView with MomentInvariants. Since it try to download it during build which flatpak-builder does not allow. I tried manually download MomentInvariants first and put the folder in VTK/Remote/MomentInvariants but still does not work. Also lookingglass seems to do the same.

These are all the flag enable for ParaView in Flatpak.


The one below are flag that I commented out.
I think CUDA need CUDA hardware to be able to build it.
libLAS is not enable because I can’t compile it.
fatal error: boost/ detail/endian.hpp: No such file or directory
Maybe because libLAS have not update to use with new Boost yet.

Moment inertia variants and looking glass attempt to use network when building.


Awesome, thanks @Andythe_great !

I would like for someone in ParaView dev to be owner/co-owner of this ParaView Flathub repository.

Just being co-owner is enough to increase trust and credibility to the Flatpak build of ParaView.

I’m fine being a coowner.

Thank you.
I don’t think I have the permission to add someone as co-owner.
But Flatpak admins do.
I think you should email them.

I also submit F3D too, so if you would like to be F3D co-owner as well.

Ok, I’ll let you know.