ParaView translation discussion

Is there interest into improving the support for translation in ParaView ?

I’m currently adding a support for translation in a ParaView based app and there is a lot of non tr() visible QString in ParaView.

Some doc for these that do not know this :

If we consider that ParaView is “translatable” with some effort, we may need to take a few steps :

  1. Do a general pass to add a many tr() as possible in ParaView
  2. During the review process, check that visible string are tr()ed
  3. Qt provide a tool to generate a translation file from .cxx and .ui files (lupdate). We may want to provide a tool to do the same from a servermanager xml file.
  4. Something more advanced not yet designed ?

As a side note, I have a question for those that have already experience with this mechanism.
the translation file .ts provide translation by context. eg: in pqMyClass, “foo” is translated “bar” by calling pqMyClass::tr("foo"). Is there a way to specify a generic context to fallback on ? that would avoid duplicating translation. Unless we try to use QObject::tr() instead of pqMyClass::tr() in general.

I am supportive of increasing support for multiple languages in ParaView, but ignorant as to how it should be done.

Sadly this will not go forward atm.
Closed MR for reference :

This will require a lot of work to do right. I think a prototype could be set up in a few days of works but it will contains still a lot of non translated strings. The prototype could be done in a language of one of the devs where he/she could translate the strings roughly.

Once the unicode compliance is complete in Paraview internationalization seems like the next logical step. Why can it not be done incrementally, as the closed MR demonstrated?

Tbh it could be done incrementally, but the way to a fully translated ParaView will be long. Feel free to take over the MR.