ParaView translation discussion

Is there interest into improving the support for translation in ParaView ?

I’m currently adding a support for translation in a ParaView based app and there is a lot of non tr() visible QString in ParaView.

Some doc for these that do not know this :

If we consider that ParaView is “translatable” with some effort, we may need to take a few steps :

  1. Do a general pass to add a many tr() as possible in ParaView
  2. During the review process, check that visible string are tr()ed
  3. Qt provide a tool to generate a translation file from .cxx and .ui files (lupdate). We may want to provide a tool to do the same from a servermanager xml file.
  4. Something more advanced not yet designed ?

As a side note, I have a question for those that have already experience with this mechanism.
the translation file .ts provide translation by context. eg: in pqMyClass, “foo” is translated “bar” by calling pqMyClass::tr("foo"). Is there a way to specify a generic context to fallback on ? that would avoid duplicating translation. Unless we try to use QObject::tr() instead of pqMyClass::tr() in general.

I am supportive of increasing support for multiple languages in ParaView, but ignorant as to how it should be done.

Sadly this will not go forward atm.
Closed MR for reference :

This will require a lot of work to do right. I think a prototype could be set up in a few days of works but it will contains still a lot of non translated strings. The prototype could be done in a language of one of the devs where he/she could translate the strings roughly.