Help translate ParaView into your language!

Following some long time effort [1], ParaView can now be translated !

You can now register on the dedicated web platform [2] to provide translations for ParaView. A nice tutorial was published to get started [3], including currently supported languages.

Then, on a weekly basis, translations are bundled with the ParaView official binaries [4]. Just tweak the Interface Language settings to try the last nightly in french ! (initial, partial support at the time of writing)

Technical info

We ends up with a full workflow [5] including a dedicated repository for translations, filled by weblate and used by the paraview superbuild. This also includes new guidelines for developers to ensure that every displayed string can be translated.

[1]: ParaView translation discussion, ParaView Internationalization


You can’t make suggestions on Weblate without registering, so I will make one here.

Google translate provides an API which could be used to automatically provide a first cut for many language files. It performs remarkably well and it would make the job a whole lot quicker for human translators to simply amend any faults.

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