Help translate ParaView into your language!

Following some long time effort [1], ParaView can now be translated !

You can now register on the dedicated web platform [2] to provide translations for ParaView. A nice tutorial was published to get started [3], including currently supported languages.

Then, on a weekly basis, translations are bundled with the ParaView official binaries [4]. Just tweak the Interface Language settings to try the last nightly in french ! (initial, partial support at the time of writing)

Technical info

We ends up with a full workflow [5] including a dedicated repository for translations, filled by weblate and used by the paraview superbuild. This also includes new guidelines for developers to ensure that every displayed string can be translated.

[1]: ParaView translation discussion, ParaView Internationalization


You can’t make suggestions on Weblate without registering, so I will make one here.

Google translate provides an API which could be used to automatically provide a first cut for many language files. It performs remarkably well and it would make the job a whole lot quicker for human translators to simply amend any faults.

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Hello Nicolas Vuaille,

My name is Augusto Oliveira, a ParaView enthusiast looking to help expand its reach to Brazilian Portuguese speakers. I’d like to request the addition of Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) as a language option on Weblate for ParaView.

There’s a keen interest within the community here in Brazil to use and contribute to ParaView, and providing a localized version would be a tremendous step forward. I am ready to contribute to the translation and rally the community to ensure its maintenance.

Could you please enable pt_BR on Weblate for the ParaView project so we can begin this endeavor?

Thank you for your attention and support.

Best regards,

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That’s a great initiative Augusto. I hope Kitware get the locale enabled promptly.

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Hi @Augusto_Oliveira

We will look at adding pt_BR to the list of translated languages, plaese stay tuned :slight_smile:

Hi Mathieu,

That’s great to hear! I’m excited about the possibility of having pt_BR added to the list of translated languages. I’ll definitely stay tuned for any updates.

Thank you for considering this addition and for your efforts in making the project more accessible to Portuguese-speaking users.

I’m looking forward to potentially contributing to the translations once pt_BR is available.

Best regards,
Augusto Oliveira


Hi @Augusto_Oliveira

Brazilian portuguese is now open for translation!

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Dear @nicolas.vuaille

Thank you for opening Brazilian Portuguese translations for ParaView on Weblate.
We will be starting the translation process soon.

Thanks in advance,
Augusto Oliveira