ParaView User Day Europe 2023

Kitware is delighted to announce the first edition of the ParaView User Day Europe! :tada:

Type: on-site event
Date: Tuesday, September 19 2023
Location: Lyon, France
Price: free for all, registration required

The ParaView User Day will feature presentations from ParaView users and developers, hands-on tutorials and demos, as well as Q&A sessions with Kitware Europe’s team. It’s a great opportunity for users and developers to learn about the latest features and capabilities of ParaView as well as connect with other members of the community.

The ParaView User Day is a collaborative event.This is a great opportunity to showcase your achievements with ParaView to other users. We encourage you to submit a presentation to share your specific implementations and usages of ParaView.

Registration opens today!
If you wish to attend and/or to propose a presentation, please fill the following form: ParaView User Day Europe 2023

Please note that this upcoming event has a limited number of seats available. In order to secure your attendance and the quality of the event, we kindly ask that you register online and receive confirmation from the organizers. This confirmation will serve as your official invitation to the conference and will grant you access to all sessions and activities.

For more details, please visit our website at:

We look forward to seeing you at the first ParaView User Day!


I will personnaly be present and look forward to meet and greet any of you ! :grinning:

Hi, nice to see a Kitware event in :fr: !
Will there be an online replay for people that can’t be there ?

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Sorry I missed your question.

I’m afraid this is not planned.