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i wonder if it’s possible to create path plots in ParaView. What I mean os basically extended version of Plot Over Line filter with a possibility to create XY plots using data along the path that doesn’t have to be a single straight line. For example, if I have a cylindrical geometry and want to plot the values from points or cells lying on the circumference of the cylinder vs the distance, would that be possible ?

Internally, ParaView can support plotting over any curve represented as a poly line. The Plot Over Line filter really only restricts you to a line because it is very difficult to place anything more complicated with widget controls.

If you have a poly line in 3D space whose data you want an x-y chart for, you can use the Plot On Sorted Lines filter.

There are some tricks you can do to extract interesting lines of data to plot on. In your example where you have a cylinder and want to plot along the circumference, you can first use the Extract Surface filter to get just the sides of the cylinder and then the Slice filter to get a curve around the circumference. From there you can use the Plot On Sorted Lines filter to get the XY plot.

In fact, ParaView comes with a compound filter that combines all of these operations. It is called Plot On Intersection Curves. It works reasonably well, but I often have problems with the scalings of the 3D widget of this filter for some reason.

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Also note that on ParaView master the new Plot Over Line algorithm now support polylines and multiblock composed of lines/polylines, using the filter Plot Over Lines From Custom Source. This can be usefull if you want to use the new feature Sampling pattern.

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