Plot a single vector on top of a 3d mesh

Hello everybody,
I need to plot a vector knowing the application point and the 3 components of the vector, what can I do?
Thanks in advance

Arrow source ?
Glyph filter ?

How could I do with Glyph filter? If I apply the filter it only generates many arrows among which I would not know how to select the one that starts from the point of my interest and then I would not know how to indicate the values of the components

“PointSource + Calculator + Glyph” should do the trick.

With point source I can represent the vector (even if I struggle to see it in the mesh), I didn’t understand then how to use Calculator and Glyph

  • Position your point with point source, Apply
  • Add a Calculator, set the vector value using x*iHat + y*jHat + z*kHat expression, Apply
  • Add a Glyph filter to show your data as an arrow