plot over line on a slice (vtu) doesn't work

Hi! I have a pretty large 3D dataset (vtu) and would like to speed-up postprocessing by making the slices (2D, vtu). Then I 'd like to make a plot over that slices however it doesn’t work – output data arrays are empty. The test data/state file are here:

The problem looks the same as reported here Plot over line gives NaN but it doesn’t. The line could be anywhere across the dataset, not only near the boundary, the output still be empty.

ParaView 5.9.0 downloaded from the site. OS: Debian testing amd64, DE: KF5

Definitely a bug in my opinion. I was able to obtain some results by using a polyline source and resample with dataset, but complex to use.

I do believe this is the same problem. The issue is that you are sampling a 2D surface in a 3D space. I agree that it would be better to make the polygon probing less sensitive to these error, but I couldn’t get sampling by a polyline source to work for me.

I was able to get it to work by shifting your plane to the z=0 plane. Your plane is currently at z=0.001, a number that is not completely representable in IEEE floating points. Here is another state file that shifts your data and seems to make it work:

translate-plane.pvsm (457.2 KB)

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Thanks, Kenneth and Mathieu! Both workarounds are acceptable (scripts do the work for me) however shifting is simpler to explain.