Potential MS Windows 10 Performance Hit due to FTH

(Ken Martin) #1

Bit of a Public Service Announcement for Windows 7/10 Application Developers and Testers

This bit me recently, so I figured I would pass it on in case some folks have not run into it. If you develop, test or run on Windows then there is an issue/feature that can cause a significant slowdown in your executables. Windows comes with a Fault Tolerant Heap (FTH) and if Windows decides that your application is crashing too often, it will automatically start using the FTH for your application. The FTH is much slower than the normal heap and your application performance will take a big hit. This is not restricted to debug builds and is not dependent with the run time library you use. It is a built-in feature of the operating system. In my case a release build of ParaView had been moved to the FTH.

As a developer, or tester, we tend to crash applications. Windows may decide based on those crashes to assign your application to the FTH. You can look to see what, if any, applications have been relegated to the FTH by running regedit.exe and looking at


And seeing if your application is listed there. You can turn off the FTH by setting


to 0. You can find more information about the FTH at the following link.