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For postprocessing results coming from Elmer I use Paraview 5.5.2 which generally works very well on my Windows 10 PC.
But for the results of a multiphysics Elmer model which couples Electromagnetics, Heat transfer and Fluid mechanics I have following problem :
I want to plot the Contours of CoordsX*Potential_re, meaning the scalar product of the horizontal x coordinates by the real part of the z component of the vector potential, for getting the magnetic induction field lines (this is more precise than plotting the magnetic streamlines with the stream tracer). When doing this I get an error message as showed in the following screenshot.

It would be very nice if somebody could bring me some help about how to fix this problem.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @Roland1.

At first glance it looks like your “potential re” is missing the underscore. Make sure that name is right. If it does have a space, put the name in quotes - I’m not sure if this works in ParaView 5.5.2, but it does in current versions.

If everything looks fine there, could you click on case_t0005.vtu and then click on the Information tab just below the Pipeline Browser? Make sure the data array names and ranges are shown clearly in the screenshot.

You could also attach a file if it is small enough and if are allowed to share the data.

Thanks for your quick anwer and help.
As you suggested it I first checked the information tab and see that potential re is correctly identified (potential re means the real part of the z component of the vector potential). Then I put potential re in quotes but it does not work and shows again the error message.
At last I tried the calculation with Paraview 5.12 but it does not work either, and I also noticed that an animation (with several time steps, meaning with several case_t0001.vtu, case_t0002.vtu, etc… files) takes much more time with the 5.12 version than with the 5.5 version. This is why I prefer to keep this 5.5 version for the moment.
As you suggest it I upload here attached the case_t0005.vtu file so that you could perhaps check all this and try to help me to fix this problem.
Many thanks
case_t0005.vtu (807.0 KB)

Hi, concerning this scalars multiplication with the calculator which does not work with the Paraview 5.5 version, after trying the v5.10 version this multiplication works well. But as I noticed it also with the v5.12 version the animation of a time dependant model is much slower than with the v5.5 version.
So how could it be possible to speed up an animation in the 5.10 (or upper) version? Is there a setting for doing this?
Thanks for any help

When you say “animation” do you mean playing through the time series on repeat? If that’s the case, one way to speed up animations after the first run through of the time series is to enable Cache Geometry for Animation option in the General settings (Edit menu → Settings).

Yes I mean playing through the time series.
Finally I installed Paraview v5.7 and everything works well, meaning both the scalars product calculation and the fast animation speed. But in this version I didn’t find your mentionned setting “Cache Geometry for Animation”. Is this setting perhaps only available in upper versions?
Thanks for your help

I just checked in 5.7 and it is in the General settings (Preferences on macOS). It is an “advanced” option, so you need to either click on the gear icon to the right of the search field or type some text like “Cache” in the search bar to see it.

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