Reading Data from HDF5 File

Hello, Has anyone successfully read data from an HDF5 file? I am having difficulties reading in my data which contains ~100 data slices. I can put my H5 into Paraviews pipeline, it will recognize the path within the H5 file but when I hit apply to load/ render the data I get hit with a slew of errors. I am most likely doing something incorrectly when it comes to loading/rendering.


HDF5 is not, in itself, a format.
ParaView supports a few formats based on HDF5 :

  • TRUCHAS HDF5 (.h5 files)
  • VERA OUT HDF5 (.h5 files)
  • H5Part (.h5part files)
  • ENZO AMR particles (.boundary .hierarchy files)
  • Xdmf2 (.xmf files)
  • Xdmf3 (.xmf files)

The most popular of these formats with ParaView is Xdmf2. It is also well documented, so I would suggest using that. Of course, that depends of the actual format of your data.