Reading zones with identical names using TecplotReader into Paraview

Hi all,

I am trying to read an ASCII Tecplot file into Paraview (5.11). It has two zones, which both have the same name. It reads ok, but with ExtractBlocks (which now uses block names, instead of indices like previously), when I select the zone I want, it outputs still both zones. This means that I am unable to extract the blocks I want. In the end, I would like to do this in python, so any solution that works with python will be perfect! Otherwise, I think it would be good if the TecplotReader could be modified such that unique block names will be available?


Please share your file.

In any case Connectivity filter should help you select the part.


Dear Mathieu,

Thanks for the help. I tried Connectivity, but it needs a vtkDataSet. So I tried to MergeBlocks (is that the one to convert it to vtkDataSet?) before and then apply Connectivity, but that did not work.

Attached, you find an very simple example of the problem: one Tecplot file and the python script to read it into Paraview illustrating the problem. It also contains the MergeBlocks and Connectivity filters for your convenience.

Let me know if you find an easy solution. Best regards,
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multizone-cubes.dat (1.3 KB)

This a bug to fix, the fact the both blocks are named the same breaks the filter functionnality. Please open an issue:

Thanks, Mathieu. I created an issue about this: TecplotReader issue with similar named zones (#22144)

FYI: there is also another issue, which I think can easily be handled together, but maybe a separate issue is easier to manage: TecplotReader issue in GUI with coordinate variables not as first, second and third variable (#22145)

Thanks, do not hesitate to reach out to Kitware if needed: