Removal of web applications Visualizer, Lite, and Divvy from ParaView 5.13.0

The ParaView development team is strongly considering removal of the Visualizer, Lite, and Divvy web apps from the ParaView application bundle. Doing so will streamline maintenance of the ParaView binary bundles

With this removal, you would no longer be tied to any version of our Python web dependencies (i.e. wslink). Moreover, the new –venv capability coming to ParaView 5.13 empowers you to take advantage of the isolation of a virtual environment for your web application. You will still be able to install Visualizer, Lite, and Divvy in your virtual environment and run them with ParaView.

In the end, this move will free ParaView 5.13 to be used with both old and new web applications without any risk of library conflict.

If you have any concerns or questions, let us know.


Should we ship requirements.txt wish minimum versions for new/old web packages in the binary packages?

I don’t think so as it is specific to each application and not really related to ParaView.
If we want to ship something, it would be the version of the python package that we bundle with ParaView. For example, which version of Pandas so the venv don’t pick an incompatible version.