render view spacing

I want to save a screenshot of 5 two-dimensional slices of five different models (I linked the camera etc.). But I wonder, how one can set the spacing between each render view so at the end each plot has the same dimensions. I tried that by moving the line between the render views but this is not exact. Also, I tried the comparative render view, however this seems not solve my issue having 5 different vtk files…
Any help is appreciated … BEST H


I am not the most experienced PV user but have you tried using the Transforming facility? That allows rotation, translation, scale reduction and re-orientation. Once your camera is linked, you could place each view with the right translation and animate the results…

Hope this solves your problem.


Hi Marco,
thanks a lot for your answer. That is a great idea, however after trying it does not exactly solve my problem. Basically I need some kind of handle to scale the reder views. I am trying that with the track option and look at the phyton code and try to recpolcate this into a little macro … However, this somewhat sucks … so I was wondering if there is some sort of a workarround … Thank you for your help


not sure if what follows can help but if you are trying to write a macro, I did something similar using a programmable filter: for each time-step I could read in a netcdf file, manipulate the coordinates (transformation and reassignment of coordinates) and visualize.

I have posted the content of that programmable filter on one of my previous posts.

Hope this is can contribute solving your problem. Good luck


thank you so much … I will try that … Nice SWASH model by the way … Looks cool … Best H