Resample to Image returns an empty field

Hello, I am trying to resample the FE stress data in the attachment to a structured regular grid using Resample to Image. However, when I do this, only outline and gaussianpoints are returned. I cannot plot the surface and no points are visible.

I am very confused as when I did this resample to image operation to a different 3D model it worked?

Any help would be appreciated

Attached is model

Please provide access to the file

Just given you access now! Let me know if any issues. Thanks.

RessampleToImage is not intended to work on 2D data.

You can use ExtractSurface and LinearExtrusion to have result looking like this:

I used ExtractSurface and LinearExtrusion to achieve the same 3D result, but when I apply resample to image to this it still does not give me the resampled surface?

Indeed, this is definitely not trivial to do but it should be, here is how to do it.

  • Open your file, apply
  • Filters → Transfrom → Scale X and Y by 100
  • Sources → Wavelet → 0 2000, 0 2000, 0 0, Apply
  • Click on transform
  • Filters → ResampleWithData, Select wavelet as Destination mesh, Apply

This should be supported out of the box by the ResampleToImage filter, feel free to open an issue:

Firstly I’m amazed by how fast you solve these issues.

However, I’m having trouble with the fourth step ‘click on transform’ this is where i get to [see image]. Also with regards to setting a resolution for the sampling, with this new method, how would i change from a resolution of 100x100 to say 50x50. I agree I might open an issue later on.

Top-left, in the Pipeline Browser, Click on the “Transform” filter to make it the active source.

Ok so I get to this [see image], but the image does not look like it has a structured grid like it did in your screenshot?

Also if the transform is the source and the destination for the resample to dataset, what is the point of the wavelet? I don’t think I understand the intuition behind how your sequence of operations works essentially.

This is wrong, you did not pick the destination mesh as instructed, see my pipeline browser:


Please note I edited my post above.

When I follow your instructions i reached the erroneous pipeline, as both the source and destination are transform.
When I choose transform as the source and wavelet as the destination I achieve this pipeline youve just shared, which I think is the correct result?

Correct, it was an error on my side.

Thank you for your help!

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