Selectors in combination with duplicated block names


I am in the process of converting my post-processing scripts to make them compatible with PV5.11.
I now hit an interesting problem: I have multi-zone tecplot file that paraview reads just fine, but some of the blocks have duplicated file names.
So when I specify the required selector to extract a specific block, I do not get one of the blocks, but multiple ones.
I there a possibility to work around this ? (Yes I can change the naming in the file, but that won’t have any effect for a year, so that will be fixed, but I have to work with this for a year …)

Previously I was using the block indices directly, so there was no issue about this.

Thanks in advance!

@pcrepier :slight_smile: Did not see your question before, but I have exactly the same one: Reading zones with identical names using TecplotReader into Paraview - ParaView Support - ParaView. It appears to be a bug to fix and I made it into an issue: TecplotReader issue with similar named zones (#22144) · Issues · ParaView / ParaView · GitLab ( Hope it will be fixed in the near future…