SSH Connection to server using .pvsc file


I was attempting to set up a pvserver pvsc file as per this post using Paraview 5.8.0.

Currently, I can successfully manually start a client-server process using:
ssh user@remote -L 11150:localhost:11111 /home/user/ -g
then manually connect to localhost:11150 using the Client / Server setting.

So I tried to make a pvsc file with the following:

  <Server name="serverSSH" resource="cs://remote:11111">
      <SSHCommand exec="/home/user/ -- " timeout="0" delay="5">
        <SSHConfig user="user">
          <PortForwarding local="11150"/>
          <Argument value="$PV_SERVER_PORT$"/>

But on loading and attempting to connect, I get the following error:

# Option ā€œ-eā€ is deprecated and might be removed in a later version of gnome-terminal.
# Use ā€œ-- ā€ to terminate the options and put the command line to execute after it.
# Failed to parse arguments: Unknown option -L

Command aborted.

Did I make a mistake in my file?
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Looks like there may be an incompatibility with gnome-terminal.

Can you install and use Xterm instead ?

<Terminal exec="/usr/bin/xterm"/>

instead of


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Thanks, using xterm seems to do the trick!