stream tracers not loading and tool tips not showing

Ok, now that i have a somewhat working mesh and a completed CFD. I am trying to use paraview but it feels like all the things i try from the tutorials on youtube are not wanting to either load or work. IE stream tracers. I have it turned on and have the resolution etc all set but nothing appears after i hit apply. its just a white line with an arrow head rather than all the streamers that follow the fin can.

I do not know enough about cfd yet to know exactly what my goals are but i think for starters its the following:

  1. get the stream tracers to work
  2. Figure out how to find the forces acting on the object be it a fin can or a wind turbine blade or a cars bumper( currently watching a youtube on this one)
  3. Get the tool tips to work when you hover over a filter. My version (5.12.rc2) for whatever reason never shows the tool tips when hovering over filters or anything. It fills my entire 55 inch screen

Any help on these subjects would be much appreciated : )


  1. Try the Point Cloud mode, it’s easier to set up.
  2. There are a few YouTube tutorials about that. You will need the Calculator filter to compute additional outputs.
  3. Edit β†’ Settings β†’ advanced (gear button) β†’ General β†’ Force Single Column Menus
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shouldnt the stream lines be showing up though when i hit apply?

oh, i will for sure force the single column menus. thanks for that.

i will report

Please share your data

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ok, sorry it took so long. Had some major things come up that needed to be done first

this should be the correct link

I can generate streamlines without issues using the decomposed case in the β€œmesh” directory.

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Can you show the fin can as well with the stream lines?

Mine wont show any stream lines when i hit apply.

When i het home or to work, ill take screenshots of how i am setting it up. I am following a tutorial on youtube and its not working out haha.


also, how did you do this? i have tried a few ways and can not get it to work.

thank you

  • run ParaVIew
  • File β†’ open β†’ case/pv.foam, Ok
  • CaseType β†’ Decomposed β†’ Apply
  • Filters β†’ Streamtracer β†’ SeedType β†’ PointCloud β†’ Apply

yup, completely empty when i follow the above that you mentioned. Even turning the eye open for the pv.foam

Any ideas as to why tracers are not working

Which version of ParaView are you using ?

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5.12.0 RC2 is the version i am working with