String attributes from XML VTK file in point inspector

it would be great if the point inspector tool could show string attributes from a XML VTK file. This post shows how to include strings in the file and how it is possible to display the text as annotation (e.g, use it as color code or use Find Data). However, it would be very useful to find out the name of a specific point in a (probably dense) point cloud by hovering over it.

I’m not sure what you are looking for, isn’t that already covered by the interactive hover tool ?

See the attached screenshot. I can color the points by their name and I can produce annotations using Find Data. But hovering with the point inspector shows only ID and coordinates not the string/name attribute. This is also described in the link above.

please share transmitter.vtp

Transmitter.vtp (2.1 KB)

Indeed, this is probably a very simple fix.