Supercomputing 2021: upcoming talks on ParaView, VTK, and CMake from Kitware

If you are attending Supercomputing 21, we hope we can connect with you to share some of the recent projects we’ve been working on and the latest updates for platforms like CMake, ParaView, and VTK. As virtual exhibitors, we have a robust series of sessions scheduled in our booth’s zoom room throughout the conference. For more information, and to access some of the materials, please explore this conference page.

Monday, November 15

What’s New in ParaView
5:00-5:30 CT
Presented by Cory Quammen

Tuesday, November 16

CMake Training
10AM - 2PM CT
Presented by Zack Galbreath

ParaView Training
2 - 6PM CT
Presented by Dan Lipsa

Wednesday, November 17

Web Visualization
10 AM - 2PM CT
Presented by Sebastien Jourdain

Meet the Experts: ParaView
2 - 3PM CT
Experts in attendance: Utkarsh Ayachit, Dan Lipsa, and Cory Quammen

ParaView Catalyst
3 - 4PM CT
Presented by Utkarsh Ayachit

Job Fair
4 - 4:30 PM CT

Supercomputing at Kitware
4:30 - 5PM CT
Presented by Julien Jomier

Thursday, November 18

Topological Data Analysis and Visualization Using TTK
9 - 10AM CT
Presented by Charles Guenet

Meet the Experts: CMake
10 - 11AM CT
Experts in Attendance: Bill Hoffman and Zack Galbreath

Getting Started with Intel OSPRay
11 - 11:30AM CT
Presented by Timothée Chabat

Supercomputing at Kitware
12:30 - 1PM CT
Presented by Julien Jomier

Job Fair
1 - 1:30PM CT

Meet the Experts: VTK
2 - 3PM CT
Experts in Attendance: Will Schroeder and Ken Martin