The new VTK Examples site is now live

The new VTK Examples site is now live, please use this site: VTKExamples from now on. There have been many changes as outlined below. Special thanks must go to the people who have helped move the examples from Bill Lorensen’s original site to here, in particular @mwestphal, @will.schroeder, @brad.king and @dgobbi.

We recognise the massive effort Bill put into developing the original site with so many VTK examples. It is my hope that this site captures all this and will build on his legacy.


Over 2600 C++, Markdown and Python files were changed over a period of two months.

All languages

  • New How To pages have been introduced for each language. The aim of these pages is to provide pointers to existing examples that show you how to do something. E.g. using callbacks, camera positioning etc.
  • The column Classes Demonstrated has been removed, the information was never reviewed or updated and caused frequent errors when adding new examples. This was a hangover from the early days before I wrote the script Now this information is updated whenever the site is updated and is available as a link at the top of each language example page. By removing this column the display on small screens has been improved.

C++ and Python

  • Colors in the code are now referenced using vtkNamedColors this allows users to refer to colors by name or create their own named colors making it easier to color objects. No more … What color is (1.0, 0.4, 0.3)? Answer: “Tomato”.
  • Test images have been reviewed, mostly improving colors and redoing poses to make them more interesting. Once again the two files VTKColorSeriesPatches.html and VTKNamedColorPatches.html in the top level vtk-examples folder proved invaluable in choosing nice color combinations.
  • Some interesting C++ examples were ported to Python and vice versa.
  • Where data files are used in the examples, the names of the files to use have been added to the command line checking in the source code. These data files are all available in vtk-examples/src/Testing/Baseline.


  • Code has been modernised and bought up to current VTK/C++11 standards. There is scope for more changes here.
  • vtkSmartPonter has been replaced by vtkNew in most cases, keeping vtkSmartpointer for when it is really needed.



The focus here is to make sure that as may tests as possible pass when using the VTK master.

On the same machine, using the VTK master with no remote modules.


  • 100% tests passed , 0 tests failed out of 994, taking 660s.


  • 99% tests passed, 2 tests failed out of 994 taking 2005s.

    The following tests FAILED:
        420 - Meshes-InterpolateFieldDataDemo (Failed)
        655 - Rendering-StringToImageDemo (Failed)


Scripting for generating the web pages has been extensively re-written.