Transformations, rectangular/circular pattern of the results


the structural simulations that I perform often involve specific simplifications - the use of symmetry or reduction to 2D space. It’s very convenient to use some postprocessing tricks to make the results look like a full 3D model was used. I’ve found the following options in ParaView to do this:

  • Linear Extrusion - for plane stress/strain models
  • Rotational Extrusion - for axisymmetric models
  • Reflect - for models utilizing planar symmetry

When it comes to shell models, it seems that there’s no built-in filter that can extrude the surface in the normal direction but it could be a very useful addition to ParaView:

I think that I will add a feature request for this.

Anyway, what I couldn’t find regarding such transformations in ParaView is a way to create patterns (rectangular and circular). This could be useful for models utilizing cyclic symmetry for example.

Are there some filters that could do this automatically (without the need to copy and translate models manually) ?