Transient Simulation- Files in Tecplot Format


I have a set of files in tecplot format. Each file corresponds to a different timestep and time value. How can I assign a time value to each file?


Create a .pvd file similar to this one : time.pvd (3.2 KB)


I created a .pvd file with 10 Tecplot Files (.dat file extension) (corresponding to 10 timesteps). [time1.pvd|attachment] (upload://w805W6vmbjT2RvXLRgoHV2d1Hot.pvd) (732 Bytes)

However, when I open the file in Paraview, I get the error messages you can see in the attached file.error_message (4.6 KB)

Thanks a lot!

time1.pvd (732 Bytes)

You need to save your tecplot files as .vtp files first. The tecplot format, nor the file series of tecplot format support assigning a specific time value.

Thanks a lot! That works perfectly.