TTK training course in Lyon / On-line, in November 2022

Are you dealing with large and complex datasets?
Do you want to extract, analyze and compare the complicated structures hidden in your data?

Trailer here (by @julien-tierny)

Then you may be interested in the upcoming training “Topological Data Analysis with TTK” organized by Kitware as a hybrid in-person/virtual event!

Check out the program and register if you’d like to discover how Topological Data Analysis and the Topology ToolKit (TTK) can help you extract and analyze the essential information from your data.

@julien-tierny and I will have the pleasure to give you an intuitive introductory tour of TTK :slight_smile:
This training session will include introduction courses in the morning followed by hands-on exercises in the afternoon (with Python and ParaView) on a variety of real-life use-cases (fluid dynamics, quantum chemistry, bioimaging, data science, image processing, etc.).

Please spread the word!