Visualization of 3D flow from python simulation

hello everyone, I would ask some help in order to better understand my simulation results, the following images represent the pressure and the velocity field on a 3D domain.

I know that there is the streamtracer filter which allow us to visualize the streamlines of the velocity field. But this is the result I get appying it, in two different position of the domain.

Seems impossible to get the flow stream lines through the entire domain as I did here:

please share your data

Sure, in this folder there are the code, the geometry and some results in .pvd format. What I want to visualize is the streamlines around the object, but unfortunately I can’t do that for all boundary condition, it works only when boundary condition for the inlet and the outlet are equal, I don’t know if is it an error in the code or just in visualization.

Which reader and version of ParaView are you using ?

I use the 5.10.0 RC-1 version

I’m unable to open your .msh file using binary release 5.10-RC1 on Linux. ParaView just segfaults.