Visualize entire hemispherical solution from axisymmetric simulation in one octant

I am completely new to visualization in Paraview. I have a simulation whose output is a hemisphere in vtu format. Since the simulation is axisymmetric, the output is an octant of sphere. I was wondering how to create a complete hemisphere from this output


Hi @vibhuti_bhushan_jha

Looks like a job for AngularPeriodicFilter, or Revert.


Dear Mathieu,
Thanks a lot for the suggestion. However, paraview crashes everytime while using the AngularPeriodicFilter. I am using Paraview 5.10 for the following vtu file. I think there was an earlier query similar to this in this forum.

intrfc0_0.vtu (238.6 KB)

Reflect works perfectly here:

Thanks a lot.