Visualizing streamlines from a case file (StarCCM+)


I am looking forward to create streamlines from a case file imported on Paraview. (I don’t want to import them directly as vtk format on the visualizer).

The main issue here is that I am exporting all the velocity information I need (plus the body as Mesh and Solution Data) but I am still struggling to find a solution for creating those streamlines…

The issue is similar to this topic (Velocity vector field (not appearing) in Paraview - #22 by Abid_Riaz) but I haven’t found a solution yet.

Can anybody give me an insight regarding that ?

Please share your data

Sure, I’ve joined the data for my simulation, thank you for your help! (848.3 KB)

The problem is that your case file does not contain the volume of the velocity field. It only contains the “back” plane. What ParaView is drawing is literally the only geometry in your files. So, your line of seed points is floating in empty space, as far as ParaView is concerned, which results in no streamlines because there is no velocity field.

You will have to go back to the program that exported the case file and make sure it is exporting the whole volume of streamlines.

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Okay, I have figured out how to implement 2D Streamlines. But how can I export the whole volume data from StarCCM+ in order to visualize 3D Streamlines ?

After several attempts, I was able to display the Streamlines. In order to do so, the entire domain must be exported. Now, I have to figure out how to just show the solid body and hide what’s left. If you have any idea, It would be appreciated !

Here’s my data if you want to take a look :slight_smile:

Your data has separate blocks for the airfoil and other components, so showing just the airfoil is pretty easy. There are a couple of options.

Tell ParaView to not draw the body

Select the reader in the Pipeline Browser and open the MultiBlock Inspector (under the View menu). Uncheck all the blocks you do not want to see (everything except airfoil in your case).

Create a new dataset containing only the blocks you want to see

Select the reader in the Pipeline Browser and then add the Extract Block filter Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 1.17.55 PM. Uncheck all the blocks you do not want to see (everything except airfoil in your case) and click Apply.

This will create a new data set containing only the blocks you want to see. Even though yopu have added a new dataset, it does not take any more memory. The memory is shared with the source, so you don’t have to hold the blocks multiple times.

Nailed it, thank you a lot !